COLAW Partner Offices

COLAW International Legal Alliance is an association of independent law firms operating together as a full-service company specializing in commercial and property law. COLAW offers its clients international consulting services in English and German, particularly in countries where these are not the first languages.

The close collaboration between partners in the individual offices, their excellent professional qualifications and language skills, as well as homogenous working environments and organisational structures ensure fast and effective communication, both internally and with the client.

COLAW’s strength lies in the financial and legal independence of the individual law firms, allowing the personalities and creativity of partners in each location the necessary freedom, while benefiting from shared know-how and the ongoing exchange of information. Personalized, face-to-face consultation with each client is essential to our work, without it, we cannot establish the necessary relationship of trust.

Borek Legal | Law Firm

Braunegg law firm

Pelka Business law firm for interdisciplinary advice

Štros – Kusák

Hrvoje Tokić lawyer