Colaw Consulting Ltd.


After getting familiar with their individual characteristics, we create proposals for the clients that solve their problems in context. As a result, clients receive effective business management advice. On behalf of our partners, we formulate corporate strategies, tactical steps, we carry out financial planning with the same responsibility and care as if we were the owners of the company.

Our team of experts consists of specialist consultants with a wide range of (legal, economic, financial, marketing, commercial) knowledge. Our CEO is an industrial engineer and business human resources manager with expert knowledge of business planning. We also have qualified experts in the fields of financial advice, investment advice, tax advice and human resources.

With more than 10 years of professional experience, we take over the planning, introduction of complex benefit systems for employees (cafeteria system), operation and the effectiveness check of existing benefit systems. With the use of wage fringe benefit systems, we achieve significant savings for our clients, we motivate their employees with the additional wages they achieve, and we optimize their tax payment obligations.

Our references include both factories, companies with hundreds of employees and companies with a few. With the help of our own register program, we process employee declarations within the framework of personalized advice.

Colaw Consulting Ltd. undertakes for individuals, self-employed, micro, small and large companies:

  • Complex payroll
  • Expansion and introduction of employee benefit systems (cafeteria)
  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly/annual statements and statistics
  • Preparation of the reports requested by the parent company (also in English and German)
  • Full representation before the authorities
  • Specialist advice on business operations, tax planning, finance
  • Monitoring of legislative changes
  • Preparation of annual reports (also in English and German)
  • Audit
  • Tax advice
  • Specialist advice and assistance in insolvency and liquidation
  • Compilation of credit applications, credit administration
  • Preparation of business plans for tenders
  • Preparation of tax returns for private individuals (also for private individuals resident abroad)