Innovative solutions – Knowledge and expertise in local law practice – International approach

COLAW Lawyers’ Partnership was established in the summer of 2022. The members thereof are the Kölcsey-Rieden and Partner, Hanyu Henrietta, Wittner Márton and dr. Varga Marianna law firms. Having several year’s/decade’s professional experience behind us, now we are advising our clients by combining our knowledge and professional experience, whereby we provide our services in a wider range and by more in-dept knowledge in all legal areas.

Our motivation is to create values and provide high quality services during our daily work, which is possible only in a community of professionals where all members share these core professional and people values.

We had been cooperating for a longer period of time before we established our Partnership, during which we realized that to manage a prestigious law firm is only possible by using international quality standards.

COLAW Lawyers’ Partnership is also an expert group where we monitor legislative changes and the change of judicial practice on a daily basis, as well as keep abreast of new professional and business trends. It is important for us that the solutions we provide to our clients – while being lawful – should be also reasonable and practical.

Since two of our colleagues are mediators parallel with their activities as attorneys, in the frame of our Partnership we take an emphasis on our business – workplace mediation department as well.

Our Partnership has an international background and clientele, thus – besides Hungarian – we provide our legal and mediation services also in German and English language, both for Hungarian and for international clients.