Strategy. Concept. Position.


At Colaw Lawyers’ Partnership we handle the cases we are entrusted with by the clients in a comprehensive and structured manner creating the strategy on that basis, which is in accordance with the client’s goal as well as with the legal background. This ensures flexibility for the client, while the case may be divided in parts, if necessary, and the individual parts thereof may be treated separately.


Based on the strategy built in that manner may be created the concept, which already includes the details of the solution.


After this careful preparation of the case, we find the solutions reinforcing the position of the client, which – taking into account the facts and the respective laws from every perspective – may serve an answer to the reactions of the contractual partner or opponent.

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152022. 11.
Four-day workweek

By |2022.11.15.|Employment Law|

What does this mean in the practice? What kind of employment-law-related questions arise in connection with its implementation? The book of Timothy Ferriss titled “4-Hour workweek” was published in 2007 and since then masses of entrepreneurs have read it. The impressive title and subtitle of [...]

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