From January the tax-free limit of the cost reimbursement for travelling to work has been increased

Pursuant to Gov. Decree No. 16/2023. (I.27.) the amount of the tax-free cost reimbursement for travelling to work as well as travelling home once a week has been increased from the previous HUF 15/km up to HUF 30 /km, for the duration of the state of emergency.

In accordance with Gov. Decree No. 39/2010. (II.26.) on cost reimbursement in connection with travelling to work employers are obligated to reimburse partially the costs of travelling to work with public transportation and travelling to home once a week, if the statutory conditions are met.

Cost of travelling to work with own vehicle shall be reimbursed in some exceptional cases as listed in the government decree, as follows:

  • there is no public transportation between the employee’s residence and the place of work;
  • due to the working arrangement employee can not take public transportation or only with long waiting time;
  • due to his/her disability employee is not able to take public transportation, including if travelling to work is ensured by the employee’s relative;
  • if employee has a child under 10 years of age going to a nursery or to a public education institution.

In the above listed cases – qualified as travelling to work or home by the government decree – employers are obliged to reimburse 60 % of the increased amount mentioned above, i.e. HUF 18.- per km. However, employer may decide to provide HUF 30.- per km.

The increased amount may be applied already for the cost reimbursement due for January. However, in the cases listed above to provide the HUF 18.-/km amount is mandatory only for the cost reimbursement due for February.


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Author: Henrietta Hanyu – attorney-at-law, employment lawyer, mediator